Investment Professionals Directory

Roger J. Sit — Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Investment Officer, Sit Investment Associates

Sit Equity Portfolio Management Team

Sit Investment Associates’ 19 global equity investment professionals have over 436 years of combined experience.  The average number of years of experience is 23.0.  Our global equity investment expertise covers domestic and international growth strategies.  We excel in managing portfolios of large, mid, and small cap growth stocks; dividend-paying growth stocks; and international and developing markets growth stocks.

Sit Fixed Income Portfolio Management Team

The firm’s 18 fixed income investment professionals have over 423 years of combined investment management experience.  The average number of years of experience is 23.5.  Our fixed income investment expertise is in both taxable and municipal strategies and emphasize a high level of interest income and stability of principal using investment-grade securities.  We also have expertise in alternative fixed-income strategies.